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Here's Why I Say NO to EXTERIOR Painting Projects

Imagine being in the middle of putting a proposal together for a large Interior Repaint project... and then the client asks if you could also add the exterior of the front door.

While for most, this would be a simple "yes, certainly!"

In this weeks video, I'll share with you why I now say NO to all exterior projects (even something as small as the exterior of a single door)... and how it got me that BIG Interior Project.

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TURN KEY or RENOVATOR - It's usually one OR the other

If you're going to be selling your house here are 2 Different Markets you need to be aware of:


Deciding which one will be best to target is a discussion I'd recommend having with a local Realtor - someone who really knows the state of your market.

But one thing I often see people do when we are asked to come in to do some painting in preparation for selling... is try to go somewhere in the middle in an effort to save money and appeal to both markets.

But like most things in life, when we try to please everyone, we end up pleasing no one...


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Your SKILLS ALONE won't get you there

Do you want to to build a CAREER as a Painter or Painting Contractor?

If so, I'm here to tell you that your Technical Skills alone (ex: cutting in, rolling, doing repairs, etc)... won't get you there.

When you think about most careers, you first need to go get the KNOWLEDGE and then you develop the related SKILLS to perform well in that line of work. But because there aren't any MANDATORY SCHOOLS for painters to attend, this KNOWLEDGE is often missing... leaving a lot of painters believing that their ticket to that great career is dependant on their SKILLS ALONE.

But there's a limit to what the market will pay you for those skills...

Luckily, there are 3 different ways that you can ADD VALUE in the market (and as a result, earn more money):

1- Your SKILLS


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My $50 000 Mistake - FULL STORY

No, this is NOT a typo…

Back in 2003, I made a mistake on ONE JOB that cost me over $50 000!

And all of it had to do with my lack of KNOWLEDGE.

You see, unlike most careers, there are no mandatory schools for painters to attend BEFORE entering the marketplace. This means, most painters are left trying to figure things out on their own… making mistakes… learning from them…

But as I discovered, this can be both COSTLY & TIME CONSUMING!

I talked about this $50 000 mistake in a few of my YouTube Videos, but a lot of people have been asking me for more details since the story seems exaggerated to a lot of people.

Well the reason why I don’t go into much details in my videos is because it’s simply too hard to relive. That time in my life brought me to a place where I wanted to end it all…

Still, for me, what I learned from this $50 000 mistake ended up being worth the pain, suffering & even the money it cost me.

And I believe it might...

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