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Here's The Big MARKETING Mistake Most Painters Make

If you're running your own Painting Business, you owe it to yourself to watch this video to make sure you're not making this mistake when advertising your business. 

I promise you, this has the power to DRAMATICALLY change your business.


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"What's this? Do you have a printer in your car?!?"

I can't even count the number of times a client has asked me this after I presented to them a printed computerized quote on the spot.

Not only does a Mobile Office like the one I'm about to show you allow you to write and print estimates on the spot, but the fact that you have to leave the clients house for a few minutes while you do so, offers you and your clients an incredible benefit that might surprise you.

Be sure to watch the video for an insiders look at the MANY benefits of having a Mobile Office.






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Have you ever been asked this question...

"When do you think you'll be done?"

Whether this question came from your client or your contractor, being able to answer this question accurately is extremely important if you want them to be happy.

But there's another person who can benefit greatly from knowing how to accurately predict how long a project will take you to finish... and that's YOU!

Because as you'll soon discovery in this week's Tips & Tricks video, the key revolves around knowing your PRODUCTION NUMBERS. And knowing what those are, is also the easiest way for you to improve your efficiency... which leads to more money in your pocket! 


Recommended Course→→ ESTIMATING


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Talking Color Can Help You Sell A Better Painting Experience

What Color Experts Want Painting Experts To Know About Color Theory

By Megan Headley
Originally published by APC (American Painting Contractor). Click here to view the original article.

How many times a week do you have a customer ask for your opinion on a color? Lots?

How many times a week do you offer your opinion on a customer’s color? Zero?

For many painting contractors, their job is strictly about applying the color—not selecting it.

“There was a painting contractor who I’ve worked with for years and when the homeowner asked him about color he would always say ‘I don’t choose the colors, I just apply the paint’,” shares Mary McMurray, owner of color consultancy Art First Colors for Architecture in Portland, Ore., and a licensed painting contractor herself for more than 30 years.

Painting contractors who take this hard line on color have every reason in the world to be defensive.

“I find that painters hesitate to voice their...

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Here's Why I SHOWED UP LATE On Purpose

2 MINUTES LATE:  “Are you almost here?”

6 MINUTES LATE:  “Everyone is here! Where are you?”

13 MINUTES LATE:  “Did you forget about the meeting?”

20 MINUTES LATE:  “Is everything okay, Remi?”

This was a training exercise that our team never forgot…

One of the things that I’m known for is my punctuality. It’s not uncommon for clients to tell me “My gosh, when you say 1:30pm you really mean 1:30pm!”

TIME is a commodity I put a high value on both for others and myself.

So when I told my team “today’s meeting is particularly important so please make sure to be here by 3pm and don’t be late”NO ONE was late…  except for me!

You see, back in the summer of 2009 we had started to meet every Monday afternoons at 3:30pm for some coaching, bonding & to basically give everyone a chance to voice their concern or offer solutions to existing problems...

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How To Write A Painting Proposal

Having a well written & clear PAINTING PROPOSAL is a crucial step that is unfortunately often skipped or forgotten.

But if you want to avoid situations where a client is not ready for you... or perhaps are tired of doing EXTRA work for Free...

You owe it to yourself to watch this video.




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The price TRIPLED because of the Colors...

Years ago, I remember being hired to repaint the offices at this local radio station.

The original price came at around $4000 and we were hired to do the work...  HOWEVER

Once the Interior Decorator finished the Color Consultation, the end result was that they had choosen to go with 22 DIFFERENT COLORS... and most of those colors were yellows, oranges and bright reds.

Let's just say that this changed EVERYTHING!

So what's the lesson?

If you're a PAINTER... you need to make sure your quote specifies the number of coats... and the number of colors that are allowed for the price given.

If you're a HOMEOWNER... you need to be aware of this possibility and make sure to check with your Painting Contractor to see if the Colors that are being considered will have an impact on the price.

And if you're a COLOR CONSULTANT... you need to be aware of this possibility as well and work with the Painting Contractor so that together you can help your...

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STOP WORKING HARD! Because it might be all for nothing...

Are you a hard worker?

If so, you might want to take a few minutes to watch this video because all that HARD WORK might be all for NOTHING...

PLEASE NOTE: This video is going to be the last one for a little while... Details & Announcement Revealed Inside.


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There are so many benefits to being CONSISTENT when Estimating a Painting Project.

But for this week's video, I am focusing on 3 KEY REASONS.

Each one of those reasons benefits a different individual:

  • Your Clients
  • Your Painters
  • You 



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The fine line between SERVICE and SERVANT

The difference between operating from a place of SERVICE or SERVANT can be very subtle. So much so, that only you could ever know which one is relevant to you.

Meaning, you can't judge whether someone is coming from a place of LOVE (Service) or FEAR (Servant) based on what can be observed from an outsiders perspective.

Here's a great example... accepting to do extra work at no charge.

This could easily be coming from a place of SERVICE if you choose to do so for your client because you felt like giving them that little extra out of your own free will. Or it could also be coming from a place of SERVANT if you felt like you had to do so by fear of what would happen if you didn't.

To learn how to operate mostly from a place of SERVICE, check out this week's video.

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