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Here's Why I SHOWED UP LATE On Purpose

2 MINUTES LATE:  “Are you almost here?”

6 MINUTES LATE:  “Everyone is here! Where are you?”

13 MINUTES LATE:  “Did you forget about the meeting?”

20 MINUTES LATE:  “Is everything okay, Remi?”

This was a training exercise that our team never forgot…

One of the things that I’m known for is my punctuality. It’s not uncommon for clients to tell me “My gosh, when you say 1:30pm you really mean 1:30pm!”

TIME is a commodity I put a high value on both for others and myself.

So when I told my team “today’s meeting is particularly important so please make sure to be here by 3pm and don’t be late”NO ONE was late…  except for me!

You see, back in the summer of 2009 we had started to meet every Monday afternoons at 3:30pm for some coaching, bonding & to basically give everyone a chance to voice their concern or offer solutions to existing problems...

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How To Write A Painting Proposal

Having a well written & clear PAINTING PROPOSAL is a crucial step that is unfortunately often skipped or forgotten.

But if you want to avoid situations where a client is not ready for you... or perhaps are tired of doing EXTRA work for Free...

You owe it to yourself to watch this video.



If you'd like to learn more about what's included in the CONTRACTOR Training Program, you can do see here. And be sure to be put your name and email so you can receive your personal invitation next time the doors open up for enrollment.

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The price TRIPLED because of the Colors...

Years ago, I remember being hired to repaint the offices at this local radio station.

The original price came at around $4000 and we were hired to do the work...  HOWEVER

Once the Interior Decorator finished the Color Consultation, the end result was that they had choosen to go with 22 DIFFERENT COLORS... and most of those colors were yellows, oranges and bright reds.

Let's just say that this changed EVERYTHING!

So what's the lesson?

If you're a PAINTER... you need to make sure your quote specifies the number of coats... and the number of colors that are allowed for the price given.

If you're a HOMEOWNER... you need to be aware of this possibility and make sure to check with your Painting Contractor to see if the Colors that are being considered will have an impact on the price.

And if you're a COLOR CONSULTANT... you need to be aware of this possibility as well and work with the Painting Contractor so that together you can help your...

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STOP WORKING HARD! Because it might be all for nothing...

Are you a hard worker?

If so, you might want to take a few minutes to watch this video because all that HARD WORK might be all for NOTHING...

PLEASE NOTE: This video is going to be the last one for a little while... Details & Announcement Revealed Inside.


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There are so many benefits to being CONSISTENT when Estimating a Painting Project.

But for this week's video, I am focusing on 3 KEY REASONS.

Each one of those reasons benefits a different individual:

  • Your Clients
  • Your Painters
  • You 



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The fine line between SERVICE and SERVANT

The difference between operating from a place of SERVICE or SERVANT can be very subtle. So much so, that only you could ever know which one is relevant to you.

Meaning, you can't judge whether someone is coming from a place of LOVE (Service) or FEAR (Servant) based on what can be observed from an outsiders perspective.

Here's a great example... accepting to do extra work at no charge.

This could easily be coming from a place of SERVICE if you choose to do so for your client because you felt like giving them that little extra out of your own free will. Or it could also be coming from a place of SERVANT if you felt like you had to do so by fear of what would happen if you didn't.

To learn how to operate mostly from a place of SERVICE, check out this week's video.

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Here's Why I Say NO to EXTERIOR Painting Projects

Imagine being in the middle of putting a proposal together for a large Interior Repaint project... and then the client asks if you could also add the exterior of the front door.

While for most, this would be a simple "yes, certainly!"

In this weeks video, I'll share with you why I now say NO to all exterior projects (even something as small as the exterior of a single door)... and how it got me that BIG Interior Project.

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TURN KEY or RENOVATOR - It's usually one OR the other

If you're going to be selling your house here are 2 Different Markets you need to be aware of:


Deciding which one will be best to target is a discussion I'd recommend having with a local Realtor - someone who really knows the state of your market.

But one thing I often see people do when we are asked to come in to do some painting in preparation for selling... is try to go somewhere in the middle in an effort to save money and appeal to both markets.

But like most things in life, when we try to please everyone, we end up pleasing no one...


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Your SKILLS ALONE won't get you there

Do you want to to build a CAREER as a Painter or Painting Contractor?

If so, I'm here to tell you that your Technical Skills alone (ex: cutting in, rolling, doing repairs, etc)... won't get you there.

When you think about most careers, you first need to go get the KNOWLEDGE and then you develop the related SKILLS to perform well in that line of work. But because there aren't any MANDATORY SCHOOLS for painters to attend, this KNOWLEDGE is often missing... leaving a lot of painters believing that their ticket to that great career is dependant on their SKILLS ALONE.

But there's a limit to what the market will pay you for those skills...

Luckily, there are 3 different ways that you can ADD VALUE in the market (and as a result, earn more money):

1- Your SKILLS


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