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As long as you want!

When you enroll in one of our courses, you get unlimited & lifetime access to all of the videos & downloads. So you can binge watch the entire thing as often as you want. In fact, we do recommend re-watching them regularly since you’ll typically hold on to a new piece of information every time you do.

Not at all!

The free videos we post on YouTube are meant to give quick tips & tricks for people searching online. But for the career painters looking to go through a strategically designed curriculum to help them acquire and implement specific information so they can reach a higher level in their career, that’s why we spent over 3 years developing this online school which has over 130 original videos and more than 16 hours of advanced training. Plus a wide range of tools & resources you can download.

We only offer a Graduations Certification upon the completion of the Interior Repaint Expert Training Program.  This ADVANCED Training Program is only open for enrollment once a year, typically in the fall.

But because we want you to be able to kickstart your career with the help of some of the most ESSENTIAL knowledge, we have made 5 Courses available at any time. Those 5 Essential Courses are also part of the Advanced training Program which is why you will be receiving a credit for any course you already enrolled in should you wish to take the Advanced Training Program when the doors open.


Regardless of where you live, the time and paint required to paint a certain area will be the same as per Industry Standard Spread Rates. Of course, certain painters will be faster or slower than the Industry Standards which is why wages vary depending of the level of skills the painter has. But the Industry Standard Remain the same. 

The 2 things that DO change from place to place however are the HOURLY CHARGE RATES and the PRICE FOR PAINT. Because of this, we have included what we call the “Pricing Matrix” inside the course to help you adjust the prices using the rates in your market.

We will be letting everyone know in advance by email to give you plenty of time to get ready for the next Training Session. So be sure to sign up for our Weekly Tips & Tricks so we can communicate with you by email. And right now, you’ll even get a FREE Estimating Guide for doing so!


If you’re not satisfied with any of our courses, simply let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll reimburse you in full… no questions asked!

Of course, you can contact us by email or by phone anytime.

[email protected]

(506) 381-6056 (Canada)


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