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I just want LIGHTER Colors

A few years ago, I was doing this Color Consultation for a client and one of  the first thing she said was:

"I just want LIGHTER colors"

Following this statement, I asked her a few questions and the more she spoke, the more I started to feel like lighter colors really wasn't what she wanted... but that perhaps, her mind had seen this as her only option.

So to be sure, I started to talk to her about MUSIC and how it's very similar to COLOR when it comes to the songs we enjoy and the ones we don't.

I go into more details to explain this analogy in the video below, but the idea is this:

"If you really enjoy a song, you can listen to it a bit louder than other songs. And if you don't like a song, well... you can listen to something else."

Of course, changing a song is much easier than changing the colors in a house which is why I think her mind had thought of the next best thing... bringing down the volume (going with a lighter color).

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