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How To Be ACCURATE With Your Painting Estimates

To be able to give an ACCURATE Painting Estimate, you'll need to uncover the following 2 things:

  1. The NUMBERS

When I say NUMBERS, this mostly means the square footage of the area to be painted. Since once you have this number, you can then figure out how much paint and labor hours will be needed.


The VARIABLES will also need to be factored in since those could make a BIG DIFFERENCE in both the labor hours and the paint that will be required to complete the project.


Let's say you have 2 identical houses. Both have the exact same square footage. The first house has 1 color for all of the walls... and the second one has 10 different colors with multiple rooms having 2 different colors in them.

The variable in this example is the number of colors. And this will have a BIG impact on both the number of gallons of paint AND the number of labor hours that will be needed to complete this project


Let's say you have the same 2 houses. Again, both have the same square footage but this time both houses have the same number of colors. But what's different now is that one of the clients is unable to move the furniture and needs the painter to move the furniture as part of the project.

This of course makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in terms of the number of labor hours it will take to complete the project and if you didn't know this "variable", it could eat away most, if not all, of your profit.

So what's the solution?

Well, first you'll need to be sure to uncover the right NUMBERS for the project. But you'll also need to make sure you have enough time to spend with the clients to talk about the UNIQUE VARIABLES for their project.

For more on this, be sure to watch this weeks Tips & Tricks video.

If you'd like some help getting to those right NUMBERS, be sure to check out our ESTIMATING Training Program where we'll show you how to estimate an entire house within 10 minutes using a proven system that's based on Industry Standard Spread Rates.

The goal here is to leave you more time to spend with the clients so you can then uncover the unique VARIABLES for this project.


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