Interior Repaint Expert - PAINTER

In this training program, you will learn all the necessary SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & SERVICE required to deliver High Quality Interior Repaint Projects working as a PAINTER.

  • 20 Years Experience condensed into 45 Videos (3 hours worth)
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our Private Facebook Group Community
  • FREE Lifetime Access (watch these videos as many times as you want!)
  • PERSONALIZED Graduation Certificate upon completion!


"Amazing work Remi! Very exciting and benificial series. I finished all 45 videos in 2 sittings :) Cant wait for the contractor course. Thanks again for you efforts."


"Remi, I completed this course in one day, I will be watching through it again and drilling this knowledge into my head. I'm different to most on here as I'm not actually working as a painter but my aim is to become one and become one of the best. You have inspired me even more and helped me have more belief that I can achieve my goal. What you have done here is incredible and you deserve so much praise for your efforts. Thanks again and In a few years I can update you on how things went for me. Hopefully they go well. Thanks "


"Great series of videos. I want to thank you for your perseverance and knowledge. Because of you I am back at a good place in my life. I love my job and I love my life. Thank you!"



Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll gain with this training programs


With the the proper Knowledge, you'll be in a position to solve Paint Problems as they come up (or better yet, avoid them) which will save you a lot of time and provide more value to your clients.


Interior Repaint has BIG MARGINS and is in very HIGH DEMAND. And with the proper Customer Service, you'll be able to offer the kind of EXPERIENCE that is expected in this RETAIL market.


Being an INTERIOR REPAINT EXPERT GRADUATE means you'll have a Graduations Certificate you'll be able to attach to your resume or give to your clients to help DISTINGUISH YOURSELF.